What are the Fundamentals to GAME?

Is it your primary beliefs about yourself and the world around you? Your feedback threshold? Your personal grooming and style? Your personality? Your hobbies and interests? Your family and friends? Your lifestyle?

Yes, yes, yes and yes. The fundamentals to your game is ultimately everything about you. You are the whole package, and everything that you do is a building block to your ability to seduce and attract women.

Nevertheless, in the heat of the moment (In an interaction), there will be certain factors that will be more noticeable than others.

They are:

Eye Contact

Vocal Tonality

Body Language

Power Positioning

Knowing that the above are the physical fundamentals to good game is already very well publicized, such that it’s becoming a cliché; along with the good ol’ saying explaining girls’ desire for a man with confidence. However, knowing exactly what is mesmerising eye contact, powerful voice projection (Slow smooth tonality for moments of seduction, and loud vocal projection for a talkative vibe) and the exact posturing to portray a strong confident man has rarely been taught in blogs, for a good reason.

There are too many variations of techniques for different individuals that no single generic method can cover the myriad  of  fundamentals that should be taught to an individual. There are so many body types, and along with it different personalities. What can be said, however, is that although different postures work for different people, the essence is that it has to be congruent with the individual’s reality and personality.

So I say, go explore that reality yourself. For you are your own best teacher, go find a voice coach, so that he or she can unleash the voice within you, and not you mimic someone else’s loud commanding voice. Find your balance, your inner zen, and don’t be surprised that once you got that figured out, you would have covered the 20% for your 80%’s work. (80/20 Principle: 20% of your input will account for 80% of your success)

Singapore Dating Academy: AURA


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